A Review of the Different Types of Zumba Classes

Although Zumba training classes are marketed at all kinds of people of various shapes and sizes, there are a number of different types of class available. Use this as a guide to find the most appropriate class for you. Original Zumba: The original Zumba class makes use of salsa, merengue, cumbia and reggaeton music as a setting for a number of energetic dance moves. Zumba Gold: Zumba Gold is a modified version of the original Zumba class. The pace and moves have been changed slightly to suit the needs of the baby boomer generation, but classes are still based around broadly similar moves performed to Latin music. Zumbatomic: If you've got kids who you think might enjoy the fun Zumba dance moves then Zumbatomic is for them. Designed for kids aged between 4 and 12, this workout is a fun way for kids to get the exercise they need without even knowing it. For them, it's all about enjoying themselves! Aqua Zumba: You may have heard of aqua aerobics; now it's time for aqua Zumba! This takes the traditional Zumba moves into the pool, where you'll feel the friction of the water encourage your muscles to work harder as you move to the music. The benefit of this kind of exercise in water is that it takes the pressure off your joints - perfect for all ages. Zumba Toning: These Zumba training classes add more of a toning focus onto the traditional cardio element of Zumba. Classes focus on key areas of the body, and students make use of Toning Sticks to help achieve the best results. This type of class is also available for the older generation in the form of "Zumba Gold-Toning". Zumba In The Circuit: This final form of Zumba combines traditional Zumba with circuit training in one class. Extra Elements: In truth, the exact moves you'll perform in your Zumba training classes very much depend on your instructor. Some are known to incorporate other styles of dance, such as belly dancing or hip hop. If you're not sure what to expect, just ask before you sign up for a class. A Note On Training Classes Remember, Zumba training classes should only ever be taught by qualified fitness instructors. Before you sign up for a class, always check the credentials of the instructor first.


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